(QHHT)Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy was invented by the pioneer hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon who has been in the field hypnosis therapy for over 45 years. Dolores Cannon found the technique which allows reaching the deepest possible level and can provide deep healing both physically and emotionally.

QHHT is achieved through visual imagery in the state of a very deep relaxation of the individual. The session includes two main components: a Past-Life Regression and communication with the Subconscious (the Higher Self).

In the first part of the session the individual is guided through one of his past lives that have a direct relation to his current life. That past life contains an important message for the individual and can help him to resolve the issues in his current life.

The second component of QHHT includes the direct contact with the Subconscious of the individual which consists of infinite knowledge and wisdom. The Subconscious has a strong power and is able to help the individual and perform instantaneous healing if appropriate. The Subconscious knows what is most important for the individual at this stage of their life.

QHHT can help with clearing emotional and physical blockages, improving the energy flow in the body, releasing trauma and anxiety, bringing balance and well-being. QHHT is a beautiful experience which carries a personal powerful meaning for each individual and has significant potential for healing and positive change in their life.


A full QHHT would take between 3-4 hours.

Part 1: Interview with participant (30-60min)

Part 2: Regression (1-2 hrs)

Part 3: Post-regression interview (30 min or more)


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