Reiki: Is a non invacive technique that balance the energies in the body. A reiki session takes 60-75 min. and all is required is to rest confortably while the practitioner channels energy to the different parts of the body. (read more)


Reiki 60 min. = 550 kr

Reiki 75 min. = 650 kr

Reiki 60 min. x 2 = 900 kr

Reiki 75 min. x 2 = 1200 kr


Akashic Records Readings: is a 60 min private consultation where the person can receive guidance on how to better navigate his/her life. The person giving the Akashic record reading is trained to become sensitive to the information from the records with the intention of assisting the participant achieve a deeper understanding of his/her current life situation. The purpose of accessing the records is to enhance our spiritual/personal growth. Any questions that would help us understand ourselves better and enhances our development will be answer from a place of pure unconditional love. The Akashic record reading is a loving and practical source for inner growth. Participants leave with a deep sence of guidence, with practical solutions to their situation and with a deeper and more loving understanding of their current situation.


Akashik Reading 60 min = 600

Akashik Reading 90 min = 700

Akashik Reading 60min x 2 = 1000

Akashik Reading 90min x 2 = 1200


Mår bra: holistisk behandling: Thru the years, Ernesto has explored a varieties of holistic diciplines that focus on altrernative ways to bring health and energy to the body and mind. During a "Mår bra behandling" Ernesto combines a series of holistic practices including: Reiki, Qi gong healing, acupressure and sound healing with chrystal bolws. Depending on the particular need of the person, one can use a combination of these practices to directly tailor to the present needs of the recipiant. The receipient would lyed in a massage table and rest while receiving the treatment.



Mår bra behandling 60min = 550

Mår bra behandling 90min = 650

Mår bra behandling 60min x 2 = 900

Mår bra behandling 90min x 2 = 1200


Quantum healing hypnosis therapy: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a technique of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon which she has developed and refined over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist. QHHT is a process or technique where a client is guided into a very deep level of hypnosis. We work in the Theta level, this is where you are in the morning, before you open your eyes and can recall your dreams. Read more about QHHT here.

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